Known Burial Grounds in Knox County

The following is a list of known burial grounds in Knox County, by township, as of 1972:

Indian Point
Boydstun SW corner sec. 9, east side of Rte. 41
Hunt Center of NW 1/4 sec. 32, 1/4 mile south of Rte. 116
Elias Bragg NE corner of NW 1/4 sec. 4, 1/2 mile east of County Road 8 on Floyd Skinner Farm
Harper SW corner of SW 1/4 sec. 2, north side of Hermon Creek, 1/4 mile south of County Road 20 on Ada Bates Farm
Hermon NW edge of town, SE part of SW 1/4 sec. 18, north edge of town of Hermon on each side of road
Moon NW corner, SW 14 sec. 31, 1/2 mile south of Rte. 116 on Seaton Moon Farm
House, Walter, Sumner NE 1/4 sec. 5, 1/2 mile west of Maquon 
Ouderkirk NW 1/4 sec. 4, 1/4 mile west of Maquon
Thurman NE 1/4 sec. 21, 2 miles south of Maquon
Blakeslee 1/4 mile south of Uniontown, NW 1/4 sec. 30, east side of road
Uniontown SE 1/4 sec. 19, in V of county roads, 1 mile southeast of Uniontown
Summit, Douglas SE 1/4 sec. 6, north edge of town of Douglas
Yates City NW 1/4 sec. 14, south edge of town of Yates City
Abingdon NW part of town of Abingdon
Cherry Grove SE 1/4 sec. 29, 1/4 mile north of Abingdon
Humiston NW part, NE 1/4 sec. 17, Harry Josephson Farm
Brush Creek NW corner, NE 1/4 sec. 12, at County Road 26 and gravel road on Ed Griffith Farm
Robbins SW corner of NW 1/2 sec. 4
Wataga SE edge of town of Wataga, end of Coal Street
Headland NE 1/4 sec. 34
John Knox, Scotch SE side of SE 1/4 sec. 14
Smith SE 1/4 sec. 24
Westfall West of center of sec. 29
Oneida SE corner of SE 1/4 sec. 25, NE of town of Oneida
Ontario NE corner of SE 1/4 sec. 30, N of Ontario Church
Center Prairie SW corner, NE 1/4 sec. 25
Etherly SE 1/4 sec. 30
Salem SW 1/4 sec. 28
Victoria 1/4 mile north of town of Victoria, sec. 7
Baptist SW corner of NE 1/4 sec. 28
Dethridge, Timber NW corner, NE 1/4 sec. 33
Bruner Center of NW 1/4 sec. 25
Rio In town of Rio, surrounded by railroad
Wooley SW c.e. 80 of NW 1/4 sec. 24 (has no stones)
Wright SW corner sec. 5 (has no stones)
Walnut Grove
Altona NW 1/4 sec. 21, SW edge of Altona
Walnut Grove Center of sec. 21, 1/4 mile south of Altona
Larson SE corner, NE 1/4 sec. 15
Fraker NW corner, sec. 24, marker along roadside
Galva NW corner sec. 3, along State Rte. 17, extends to Henry County
St. Mary's (Catholic) East side of Lake Rice, SW corner sec. 7
Knoxville North edge of city of Knoxville on Market St.
Swedish, Lutheran SW edge of Knoxville on Division St.
Union, Shragel West side of curve on County Hwy. 7, center SE 1/3 sec. 4
Van Gilder NE corner sec. 2
(Unknown) Center NW 1/4 sec. 29, south of US 150
Bradford West 1/4 sec. 25, north side of US 15 on Folger Farm
Trenton SE corner, sec. 1/4 sec. 25, north side of US 150 on two hills
Myers SW sec. 9 on Lee Myers Farm
Corbin NE corner, SW 1/4 sec. 29, south of US 150
Cadwell SW corner, NW 1/4 sec. 11
Fink SW 1/4 sec. 20
Hurlbutt, West Truro Center of sec. 6
Parker, Mackey NW corner of sec. 15
Williamsfield 1/2 mile north of town of Williamsfield, SE sec. 14
Phillip Nance SE 1/4 sec. 9, west of US 150
Fuller SE 1/4 sec. 6
Gun SE sec. 22, NW corner of Orvil Larson Farm
Henderson Grove, Lutheran NE 1/4 sec. 20 
(First site Henderson Grove Church)
Junk NW 1/4 sec. 2
Lewis NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 sec. 32, east of Carl Sandburg College parking lot
Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens East side of sec. 21 on US 150
Rice, Blue SE sec. 9
Galesburg State Research NE corner sec. 27
Haynes SW corner of SE 1/4 sec. 20
Cook SE corner, NW 1/4 sec. 20
Maxie, Mather SE corner sec. 14 on Warren Stevens Farm
McCallister NW corner, SE 1/4 sec. 12 west of State Rte. 97
Haw Creek
Clark, Housh NW 1/4 sec. 20, Clark Chapel and Clark School were located here
Gilson SE corner of town of Gilson, SW 1/4 sec. 8
Harshbarger NE part of SE sec. 15
Maquon Center of sec. 34
Russell North side, NE 1/4 sec. 6
Catterton SW corner, SW 1/4 sec. 8
Elba SW corner, 1/4 sec. 15
Knightlinger Center of NW 1/4 sec. 7
Pleasant Hill NE corner, 1/4 sec. 26
Brookside (Jewish) NW 1/4 sec. 16, Linwood Rd.
near Henry C. Hill Correctional Center
St. Joseph's (Catholic) West on County Rd. 13, NW 1/4 NE sec. 20 (straight on Monmouth Blvd.)
Mosser, Clay NW corner sec. 20, on Warren County line
East & West Linwood West Main St. & US 34, west edge of Galesburg (West part of Linwood was once called Dundale)
Hope West Main St. & Academy St., Galesburg


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